About Us

Our Company

SATHYA Technosoft, an Information Technology company which provides technology solutions to its customers through various software products and services. The company is from the group of SATHYA, the other unit of SATHYA. The Company's quality certifications include ISO 9001:2015 for Software Products and Services and Data Centre Management Services.

Vision & Mission

We are driven by innovation and creativity, we focus on smarter approaches and the latest technologies to deliver tangible business results.

We ceaselessly strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect with deep satisfaction. We strongly believe Quality service is the quintessential components of every business process.

We provide exceptional solutions and services that flourishes every business venture needs in all spheres. We bring excellence to the surface at an affordable cost. Be the best in the eyes of our client and touch everyone we serve.


Quality Policy

Design, develop & installation of Application Software’s/ Providing web solutions / Online Solutions meeting the requirements specified by the customer, at the expected quality & committed time to the customers and maintain their satisfaction level continuously through our prompt customer support service and continual improvement of Quality Management System.


SMS Marketing

SMS is generally a method of sending short messages between mobile phones. Also, by using the power of SMS you can easily send messages to a large group of people more quickly and conveniently. This made SMS, an effective means of communication and marketing. Do you wonder, how SMS assists marketing? Here we have detailed the concepts and bought it for your reference. In terms of marketing, it can be referred to as “Bulk SMS”. And, it comes under two modes of communication namely, Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is nothing but sending messages to a targeted group of people or to your contact list with just one click. If you are a business holder, then Bulk SMS should be your right choice in promoting your products and services. To connect with your customers in large volumes Bulk SMS is the only way. The excellence of SMS marketing is that any business, regardless of the size or budget, can utilize it. Whatever may be the nature of your business, Bulk SMS can enhance the reach and productivity of your business.


Advantages of Bulk SMS

  • It is user-friendly, and it ensures the quickest delivery speed.
  • You can get to know the delivery status of each message you send.
  • Brand awareness to existing users or new user.
  • Unlimited SMS can be sent.
  • Contact numbers can be uploaded via excel sheet.
  • We provide both Web-based Interface and HTTP API.
  • It is still the fastest way to deliver any kind of information.
  • Automation within a business is not possible without online SMS services.

Difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS

Transactional SMSs are those that the users have opted to receive, and they are usually generated by machine/API whereas promotional SMSs are bulk messages not specific to opt-in users

Transactional SMS Promotional SMS
These can be used for sending any type of information.
Ex. OTP, Bank Transactions etc.
These are specifically used for marketing purposes.
Ex. Sale, offers etc.
Transactional SMS can be sent at any time. Promotional SMS are sent from 9 am to 9 pm only.
SMS can be sent on DND numbers. SMS cannot be sent on DND numbers.
Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice. It should correspond with your business or product name. Promotional SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the telecom operator.