I am using Bulk SMS service only for distributing transactional SMS, should I complete DLT registration for sure, if I have not registered yet then what will be the effect I will face?

Any customer who uses Bulk SMS for either promotional SMS or transactional SMS should register on DLT; only entities with DLT registered can send SMS further. And, so DLT registration is highly mandatory in order to avoid disruption in the service. So, move on to any of the trusted DLT platforms and register immediately.

How should I register on DLT? Please let me know the steps that I should follow

There are 5 major steps that you will have to undergo DLT registration successfully and they are as follows:

  1. Get the unique ID
  2. Register headers
  3. Add telemarketer
  4. Share your PE ID with SATHYA
  5. Register templates on DLT platform

I completed the DLT registration process but still, I did not receive either verification email or OTP.

Then you will have to contact the support team of the respective telecom providers. We have shared the support link of some of the common telecom providers.

  1. TATA – Contact tatandncteam@tatatel.co.in
  2. BSNL DLT – Refer https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/spoc_support/
  3. Videocon DLT – Contact dlt.helpdesk@vmipl.in
  4. Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT – Contact support@vilpower.in or +91-9619500900
  5. Jio DLT – Contact jio.ISOMCCSupport@ril.com

I couldn’t add Infobip India Private Limited – ALLTM Id, please assist!

To add Infobip India Private Limited – ALL TM Id, do the following:

  1. Enter “IMI Mobile” or “IMI Mobile Pvt Ltd”.
  2. Then move to “Select your telemarketer” textbox.
  3. From the drop-down thus appeared, choose “Infobip India Private Limited”.
  4. Then enter “110200001152” in the textbox appeared for telemarketer ID.
  5. Then click verify to complete the process.

After completing DLT registration for a couple of days before, I did not receive a unique entity ID yet, what should I do?

Check whether you are done with OTP and email verification. If done, contact support team of your respective telecom service provider for unique entity ID. Contact details are listed below:

  1. TATA – Contact tatandncteam@tatatel.co.in
  2. BSNL DLT – Refer https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/spoc_support/
  3. Videocon DLT – Contact dlt.helpdesk@vmipl.in
  4. Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT – Contact support@vilpower.in or +91-9619500900
  5. Jio DLT – Contact jio.ISOMCCSupport@ril.com

On sharing support email to your telecom service provider, look to that you have added all the details as mentioned below and do not forget to keep a cc to support@sathyainfo.com

  1. Registered business name:
  2. Temporary id:
  3. Registered PAN number:
  4. Registered email id:
  5. Customer concern:
  6. Entity’s spoc contact No:

After getting my temporary ID what should I do?

Only after getting your unique ID, you can continue with the further processes.

I received my unique ID, please let me know the further steps.

On receiving your unique ID, you will have to do the following 2 steps:

  1. Complete registering your headers in the DLT platform.
  2. Add telemarketer using the instructions given below.

For TATA Platform:

  1. On the dashboard, choose “Telemarketer”.
  2. Choose “Add”.
  3. Enter “Infobip India Private Limited”.
  4. Then move to “Select your telemarketer” textbox.
  5. From the drop-down thus appeared, choose “Infobip India Private Limited”.
  6. Then enter “110200001152” in the textbox appeared for telemarketer ID.
  7. Then click add to complete the process.

For Videocon DLT Platform:

  1. Click “Telemarketer Request” from the navigation bar on the sides.
  2. Then enter “110200001152” in the textbox appeared for telemarketer ID.
  3. Now select the option “I hereby authorize Infobip India Private Limited for on-boarding with us on VMIPL DLT Panel as our Telemarketer partner.” present under the view details menu.
  4. Then click “Submit Request”.

Once my headers or sender names are approved on DLT, is the process completed?

In case your headers/sender names are approved on DLT, send a screenshot of the approved headers to support@sathyainfo.com so that we can whitelist them at the operator end.

Will I get approval if not header name or same name is not similar to the registered entity name?

In case your header or sender name is different from the registered entity name, then justify the same by adding your mobile number in the description box. This will assist the DLT support team to contact you in case of any queries. If you are a Videocon user, then attach a document that proves the similarity or relationship between the header or sender name and the registered entity name.

Once my header or sender names are registered with the operators will SATHYA Technosoft (I) Pvt Ltd., get an instant notification or should I provide the proof of registration?

The staff of SATHYA will not actually know when and where are the registration process stuck. The DLT platform will directly communicate only with you in case of status approval and missing document queries and more. So, the only thing you will have to do is, just check your email frequently to share documents they ask for. On completing the registration process, just share the unique entity ID and the screenshot of header name approval on your DLT account to support@sathyainfo.com

How to find my unique principal entity ID in the VILPOWER, BSNL and Videocon DLT platforms?

In VILPOWER or BSNL DLT Platform - Choose account settings from the profile icon and then find the unique principal entity ID under the business entity name.

In Videocon DLT Platform - Choose registration ID in the profile menu.

I am using Videocon DLT platform where can I find the DLT template ID?

Go to “Template” and then choose “Active” and then choose “Template ID”.

What is SMS and why it is used?

SMS is nothing but a Short Message Service which can be used to send a short message from one device to another especially from one mobile to another. The character of SMS is limited to 160 characters.

What do you mean by concatenated or multipart SMS?

A general SMS will be 160 characters in length. In case if the count exceeds, you will receive an alert message but you can continue typing by exceeding the limit. Now, the SMS count will be 2 or more as per the character count involving charges as per the SMS count. Special characters like ~, ^, , |, {}, [] will take up to 2 character count.

While sending SMS via messenger, you can share SMS with up to 918 characters which can be split into smaller SMS and can be combined into a single SMS in the receiver’s end. Here, the SMS character will be restricted to 153 characters while the leftover character will be used to concatenate the SMS while sent to the handset.

Can I know what SMS gateway is?

An SMS gateway is a medium through which a computer can easily send and receive SMS.

Is there any commitment or contract in using Messenger?

There are no contracts for using Messenger - it performs on all pay as you go basis and you can distribute any number of SMS without any hassles. In case you have bought an inbound system then it will expire within a particular time period which can be renewed.

Who can make use of SATHYA’s bulk SMS service?

Any Indian business holders can make you of SATHYA’s bulk SMS service to connect easily with their customers, friends or staff instantly from wherever they are. We provide affordable service meeting all the needs of our esteemed clients.

How much time will be taken in order to set up the Bulk SMS service?

Within minutes, we will set up and activate your SMS marketing campaign.

Should I need a mobile phone mandatory to Send SMS?

A mobile phone is not always mandatory to send SMS or to use our service as it is web-based you will just need an internet-enabled computer, laptop or tablet.

How to send SMS online?

With SATHYA’s Bulk SMS service, it’s simpler to send SMS by typing the message, choosing the number to which you want to send SMS and then just click “Send”.

May I know how will I receive SMS?

In order to receive SMS, you will need a short code or a long code or a keyword which is also known as Virtual Mobile Numbers or VMNs.

How much will it cost to send an SMS?

The number of credits that you wish to buy is the total amount charged. One credit will be equal to one SMS which will be of 160 characters. You can check our packages directly from our website.

Will I experience credits expire?

No, your credits will never expire.

Can I know the SMS length and what will be the relationship between SMS length and credits?

The general SMS count will be around 160 characters which are known as 1 credit but the size varies in accordance with a unicode SMS or SMS that consists of special characters. If your message exceeds 160 characters, then first 153 characters will be used up for 1 credit and the remaining 7 characters will be used to concatenate the message sent at the handset.

To convert my existing SMS account into a Transaction SMS route account, how much time will be taken by the team of SATHYA?

Once you have shared all the required documents with us, our operator has to provide Sender Id and Template approval, within 10 days your account will be converted into a Transactional account. On completion of the conversion process, you will receive a notification either via SMS or email.

Will I be imposed with any additional charges for having more than one sender ID for a transactional account?

You can use any number of approved sender IDs for your transactional account and we do not charge additionally for this, but the only thing you will have to do is, share the approved sender ID with your company letterhead in order to get it approved from the operator.

I received a confirmation notification email that my account has been converted into a transaction account, now what should I do?

Once the conversion process is all done, make sure that you create a template for your SMS, once you are ready with your template just add it such that our team will check the content and approve the template. Also, be assured that transactional SMS is always template-dependent and so you can share SMS only that matches your template.

How long will the support team of SATHYA take to approve the templates added?

We take around 5 days from Monday to Saturday except on Government holidays.

I already have a transactional account with SATHYA but now I need to send promotional SMS on a new product launch, should I create a new account now or should I purchase new additional credits?

No, you need not create a new account or need not purchase additional credits, all that you have to do is, just share an additional email ID with which we will create a sub-account for you with sharable credits so that you can share credits from your existing account to your new account and share promotional SMS at ease.

Why is my SMS using two credits?

The following might be the reason:

  1. Character count per SMS might have exceeded 160.
  2. Character count of an unicode SMS might have exceeded 70.
  3. Or, you might have added special characters that might have increased the character limit.

Can I use my business name as the sender name instead of random numbers?

Yes, if you have a transactional account, then you can get sender name of your desire. Sender ID can be of 6 characters and it should consist of only Latin alphabets.

Can I schedule SMS and send it later?

Yes, SMS can be scheduled and sent at any time of your desire later.

What business can gain benefits with the help of SMS marketing?

SMS is a universally accepted marketing tool which fits in all the requirements of any sectors and industries to send promotional or transactional SMS alerts.

Can I send SMS outside India?

No, SMS can be sent only within India.

How does Bulk SMS messaging service work?

Bulk SMS is similar to common messaging service online but in Bulk SMS, we send huge quantities of SMS in a single tap which means the process of sending SMS to a huge volume of recipients or recipient groups is known as the Bulk SMS.

How can I send Bulk SMS for my business?

Making use of bulk SMS is very simpler to us. Just create a CuteSMS24 account, upload an excel full of customers or target clients numbers, enter the message, choose the customers or the group of customers and tap send.

How to buy bulk SMS for my business?

Just sign up our CuteSMS24 account and purchase Bulk SMS bundle or reach us now for the package.

How much does our Bulk SMS cost?

We are always affordable and for packages, you can visit our website.

How long will it take to send Bulk SMS?

The time taken cannot be predicted, you have chosen either send immediately or schedule send to send Bulk SMS instantly.

Can I get free SMS trial?

Yes, we offer free trial pack too with some restrictions.

Can I know what DND is?

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb” effectively introduced by TRAI to regulate unsolicited commercial messages or calls. If you do not wish to receive promotional SMS, you can submit a request to DND and 7 days from then on you will not receive promotional SMS from those operators but transactional SMS does not have any restrictions.

What is TRAIs or Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations?

Affordable charges and direct reach to shoppers has made SMS one of the most practical methods of selling products and services. In any case, selling has carried with it significant issues of attack of security and has become a significant aggravation to clients. To direct spontaneous business calls and messages, TRAI has informed "The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010". All the arrangements of guidelines became effective from 27th September 2011. The total rules can be acquired from the TRAI gateway.

Can I know more about what is commercial communication?

The message that is sent in order to promote or to inform about a product or service of any organization is known as commercial communication.

What is meant by unsolicited commercial communication (UCC)?

Commercial messages which are being marked by not to receive except the following is known as unsolicited commercial communication (UCC).

  1. Transactional message
  2. Any message transmitted through central or state government

What is the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR)?

A national database that consists of a list of telephone numbers of subscribers who have registered their preference as per the receipt of the commercial communications are known as customer preference register.

How is transactional and promotional SMS differentiated?

Promotional SMS Transactional SMS
Message sent to promote products and services Message sent to send alerts like ticket booking, banking alerts and more
These messages will not be sent to DND registered members It will also be sent to DND registered members
Promotional SMS can be sent only between 9AM to 9PM There are no time constraints for transactional SMS

What is fully blocked and partially blocked SMS categories?

A fully blocked category defines the subscribers who have registered with DND in order to not receive any promotional or commercial messages.

A partially blocked category involves DND limited messages apart from the following category:

  1. Banking / Insurance / Financial products / credit cards
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer goods and automobiles
  6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  7. Tourism and Leisure

Whether I should submit any documents to send Bulk SMS?

No, documents are not required for sending Bulk SMS.

Can I send promotional messages to subscribers registered with DND but have opted in to receive messages from a particular category?

Yes, if subscribers have opted in to receive messages from categories similar to your business, your messages with be processed for delivery.

Can I schedule to send Bulk while DND violation is under process?

No, until the DND process is over, we cannot send SMS.