Privacy Policy

Users can opt-out as and when required

SATHYA ensures customers an opportunity to opt-out as per their preference. Whatever might be, let it be our demo or our newsletter, customers can opt-out at any time. Even if you are subscribed to any our service, we provide you with an opportunity to opt-out of your choice.

We always assure to provide transparent services

We believe in fair practices and being transparent in providing services. We also enclose a privacy agreement that holds consent and data transmitting service, by which all your personal data will be protected.

Round the clock assistance

Get assistance from our active, intellect and enthusiastic support experts. Whenever you face any issue, you can get immediate assistance from our team. Call us at 9952300300 or drop us a mail at support@sathyainfo.com.

Your data subjects are holistically protected

Apart from data protection, SATHYA protects your data subjects from the security breach. We are committed to protecting your data subjects to the core.

Clear communication is all that you deserve

We wish to communicate all details with you clearly and we have posted all the regulatory measures in our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions page. We have aligned our policies in terms of TRAI.

No Spam Policy

We neither SPAM nor accept SPAM from others. Any of the unwanted, irrelevant or unsolicited messages that redirects people in an illegal path is considered to be a SPAM message by us. Also, the messages that are sent to unregistered users will be termed as “SPAM” according to us.

General Terms

SMS is one of the important means of communication to share promotions, notifications and prompt alerts. Users who are registered with SATHYA’s CuteSMS24 service can cater SMS in bulk volumes to friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, clients, or contact group at just a tap. Every user can access our demo account only once to understand the functionalities and the features available. No one is allowed to send SPAM SMS from our CuteSMS24 service.

Conditions for Promotional Route Users

  1. Promotional SMS can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM. Any promotional SMS that is scheduled after 9 PM will be queued for the next day.
  2. The sender ID should be in accordance with that of the recipient’s country.
  3. In case, we receive any Do Not Disturb or DND number database from the Telecom regulatory, we will not transmit promotional SMS to those data.

Conditions for Transactional Route Users

  1. Before sending a transactional SMS you will have to register yourself with the respective telecom regularities.
  2. Monetary fine will be imposed when a valid case is filed against you.
  3. In case, your SMS is analyzed to be promotional, the manual review will be suggested.

What type of content do we restrict?

Offensive, illegal or SPAM content are strictly forbidden.

Types of SMS which you cannot send through our service

  1. SMS that does not come under CAN-SPAM act
  2. SMS that may contain some of the sexually explicit content
  3. Sending SMS to people without their consent which means unsolicited commercial SMS

We also not send SMS from the following categories which might degrade our brand name and connectivity with the operators:

  1. Dating or escort services
  2. Lottery business
  3. Sexual products sale which includes direct pharmaceutical promotions
  4. Fake or knocked-off drugs, vitamin, herbal or nutritional supplements
  5. Services that convey work from home, money-making games or lead generation mishaps
  6. MLM business and related businesses
  7. Adult novelty goods or references & Affiliated marketing
  8. Messages from brokers, mortgages, loans and rental services
  9. Messages defining debt collections
  10. Promotions from duplicated software or illegal goods

Which is considered to be an illegal form of collecting number database?

We consider the below ways as illegal and we do not allow users to send SMS to those numbers:

  1. Collecting numbers from third-parties
  2. Gathering numbers from yellow pages or online directories
  3. Getting number database by using number extracting software

SPAM SMS Explanation and Terms

Any of the unwanted, irrelevant or unsolicited messages that redirects people in an illegal path is considered to be a SPAM message by us.

Users should follow the conditions stated below:
  1. Misleading, false or invalid SMS should be sent using our service
  2. SMS should be sent only after receiving consent from the particular recipient
  3. SMS shared should convey its need clearly
  4. Promotional message should contain the information like - who is sending and the cost for their service
  5. Do not send SMS to numbers that were collected illegally

When do we seize your subscription?

When do not follow our Anti-spam policy, we might suspend your service and freeze your money without your consent until you make use of our anti-spam rules and regulations